September 4, 2011

Gotta Have It!

I was scanning this week's North Carolina grocery store ad, and there's a section called "Everyday Essentials." First of all, I get a kick out of the fact that Kingsford Charcoal (for all that NC BBQ) and cartons of Marlboro cigarettes are advertised in that section. I guess if you're addicted to nicotine, yes, those are essential. But charcoal? Really? An "Everyday" essential?? Do people grill every day? Or even every week? I'm happy if I just get grilled food once a season...

But then, in the same section, these were advertised:

Don't believe me?

Circular Page Image

Every. Day.

According to my mom, these are "vitamins", so of course we'd need to take a few of them daily, right?

The Cooling Rack

Baked goods are only half the story...