February 29, 2008

The Best Thing that Ever Happened to February v.3

Many of you have asked how my birthday party went, so while it's still February, here's a synopsis.

Megan and I have been having a joint birthday party for years now. We were born six days apart in the same town, same hospital. We grew up together but then she moved 30 minutes away which could have been to Australia for as much as we saw each other. Our paths crossed during our early single days and then out of the blue one day she called me to see if I wanted to move in to an apartment together in Pasadena since she had accepted a job close to there. I responded with an enthusiastic affirmative and we've been great friends ever since. We lived in that very cool apartment on El Molino (we became self-proclaimed Molineras) for two years, at which she married Brett.

The first February we shared together Megan proposed we have a joint birthday party. Though we weren't running in all the same circles, our mutual and individual friends would totally get along. In planning the party, we were trying to figure out what to do for entertainment, and she came up with this great idea of telling people that instead of bringing a gift, they were to bring a talent - ANY talent - to bring and share. We had a ball coming up with our own talents. I can't remember what I did, but Megan did a FABULOUS tap dance, and we did a bit of a comedy act about our birthday trip to Hawaii. Another big thanks to all the hilarious acts that ensued. I have photos, but they're on that thing called "film". And I don't have a scanner.

And so, without further ado, here are the acts that made us laugh, sigh, and wonder how in the world they do that: (explanations/captions are below the pictures)

The Showoffs (official name) Phil and Claire, singing and playing a number from Jekyll & Hyde. How did she know I heart Linda Eder?

Their show-off spawn, Thomas, who sang "Teach Me to Walk in the Light" complete with cape. His brother, who rocks the karaoke place with his rendition of "Sweet Child o' Mine", was sick and had to cancel his show. Tickets will be refunded.

I did a little Peggy Lee ditty with the always fabulous and stunning Michelle Budge at the piano. She ratcheted up the sass, and I was [ ] this close to climbing up on the piano, but my subconscious remembered at the last minute that my mom just had it refurbished. Not a good idea.

My own father upstaged me with a recited story of a man standing in a cow pasture, witnessing the game of football for the first time. All in a hick accent. Priceless.

Mike Moore channeling Bob Marley and his "Redemption Song." The thing I love about Mike (well, one of them) is that he has no issues about laughing at himself. He forgot a lyric, paused the whole song, 4 people sang the line he forgot and he just picked right back up again. When we go to weekly karaoke, he does the same thing, but his fix is usually more entertaining than the actual lyrics.

Phil busted out some magic tricks with ropes and coins - had me all in a tither about how he did it. That's my brown head in the foreground - transfixed by the goings-on, ready to catch a flip of the hand to prove it's not magic. Alas, it was magic.

Emily did "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on her eyebrows. Awesome.

YMCA dance party, accompanied by a classical pianist. 'Nuff said.

Megan (on the right) and Carol Ann singing "I'll Fly Away" from O Brother, Where Art Thou? Megan also started the festivities with a song she wrote long ago drawing similarities between the hardships in our lives and the La Brea Tar Pits. I love folk music.

I didn't get a picture of one of the acts - my very own husband roasting me. It was hilarious, and I was so busy trying not to wet my pants that I forgot to pull out the camera. He'll post about what he did later.

And what's a party without food? Here's the main spread: Bacon-Wrapped Dates, Mini Pesto Parmesan Pizzas, Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms, Baked Chicken Sandwiches, Veggies, Cheese & Crackers. We scarfed.

The dessert spread, which is also a main spread for me: Cream Puffs with Caramel, Raspberry, and Chocolate Ganache dipping sauces, Ted's Almond Cake slivers, Fruit Platter, and the Birthday Cake - Vanilla Bean with Lemon Curd and Blueberries.

And what's a birthday without blowing out the candles?

Yay for 31!

This next one is my favorite, and not just because Ted and I look so cute.

Thanks to all who joined in the fun and sent all their birthday wishes! We look forward to another great party next year!


Renee said...

Is it because there is a creepy unidentifiable hand betwixt your heads?

Stacey S. said...

All of the acts sounded fabulous, but I would have paid good $$$ to see a little kid sing Sweet Child o' Mine! That's it... I'm teaching Scott tomorrow!

Kizzycakes said...

thanks for rubbing it in that i couldn't be there. you're having way too much fun without me. we'll have to remedy that soon.

Kathleen said...

cute haircut allison! you probably got it a long time ago.

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