September 18, 2009

First Day of Law School

Ted began his law school classes almost a month ago. What's my problem? Well, the answer is along the lines of "where do I begin?", so for now, I'll mention that my main one is procrastination.

Ted had a whole week to prepare for his first day of orientation, which lasted for the entire week preceding the first day of real classes. Since our movers got our stuff to our apartment one hour after we signed the lease and picked up our keys, most of that week was spent unpacking and organizing, which was great. He didn't have time to dwell on the harrowing times ahead.

He was given his first class assignment DURING ORIENTATION, due the following Monday. This is no syllabus-and-class-rules first day of school, people. The man was reading and writing all weekend and all Sunday night and into the wee hours of Monday morning in order to finish the assignment before he ever sat in a real class. I felt so bad for him when he crawled into bed at 4am and then right back out at 6:30. Where's the "justice" in that, law people?? He had a long and grueling day, so I made sure to dress Tessa in an outfit to help him remember his roots and bring a smile to his face when he came home. That and a kickin' dinner. Good food heals all ills.

So you'll understand why Tessa is adorable in this picture and Ted looks totally wiped out.

The good thing about writing about this a month later is that I can report that despite being a little nervous after the first day, Ted has handled classes pretty well thus far. He has only overslept once (but because of my mad California driving skillz, he only got to class two minutes late), hasn't missed a class session, and has diligently read all his assignments (and actually understands them, which is another matter entirely). He has found time to spend with his little family every day and every weekend, so all is peachy here in the south. Well, not ALL. We could do with friends and family coming to visit..


The Hyer Family said...

Love was SOOOO good to talk this afternoon...I could use another friend here too...why not come back? And Ted, we're proud of you...keep expanding that brain of yours...keep the posts coming girl...Charlie needs to see his betrothed more often...

Kathleen said...

I love Tessa in the orange Cal Tech cheering onesie. Yay Dad! Keep up the good work...for 3 more years if possible.

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