October 9, 2009

1/12 of the way through

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Celebrations are in order because Ted is officially through the first twelfth of his law school semesters. Am I seriously counting in twelfths? H yes.

He's having a long-term affair with this building, but he doesn't know I know.

You wouldn't guess it from this picture, but Tessa barely recognizes him anymore. She shrieks her head off whenever he tries to hold her now. And I'm kidding. She does make sure I'm nearby though. It's kinda cute. For me.

Couldn't resist this one. The constantly changing sky makes for some incredible scenery day in and day out.

As far as "how he's doing", there's really no way to tell until he takes his finals in December. The entire class grade is based only on the final, so I won't see him at all after Thanksgiving. Two good signs, though, are that he understands everything he's reading and the information actually blows his skirt up. So that's good!


Jean said...

One twelfth down, just 11 to go! Woot WOOT!!!

ssyphus said...

Oh man, that Tessa CANNOT get any cuter. I miss you guys! We played Settler's tonight sans Cities & Knights, so it was elementary compared to what you're used to. But it would've been great to share some nummies with you!

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