April 5, 2010

Blue Devils are National Champions in 2010!!!

This 90-degree day was gorgeous, pollen-filled, and fruitful!

As Ted's first year of law school comes to its final weeks, we have found ourselves totally devoted to the NCAA basketball outcome. Of course, we have a slightly more vested interest than if he had chosen to go to University of Michigan.

We invited ourselves over to our friends' house - they're both avid fans, and even though John has been a bball junkie lately, he wasn't there to watch it with us and his wife Melanie (who made some slammin black bean salsa). Because he WON TICKETS to be there in Indianapolis!! This guy gets all the luck - it's pretty uncanny. He paid 25 bucks and got tickets to both semifinals and the National Championship game. He graduates law school in a month, and from his phone call after Duke won a thrilling final game, it was the icing on his illustrious law school cake. I mean, career.

To further cheer on the team, I stopped in "the Jelly Belly aisle" of our local Target to purchase this: coconut, french vanilla, black licorice, and plum. NO blueberry - you know how we feel about those.

(When I got home I noticed on the receipt that instead of charging me the $7/lb for the things, the cashier typed in the wrong PLU and only charged me the $0.57/lb banana rate. It must have happened because Tess was distracting her with her flirty "hiiiiiii!" which obviously turned our cashier into butter. Sheesh, it works on me every day.)

So with treats a-plenty, a crawling one-year old who threatened to push any and all buttons on the TV, and some old school recording of the game onto VHS, we witnessed history being made, cheering the Blue Devils along in our Duke blue. Hey, I'm 22 weeks pregnant. It was the only correctly-colored shirt I could muster.

And then Tessa's poop diaper leaked onto my white pants. Thanks, girl. Go Duke!

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ps - You know you have kids when your team wins at midnight and you have to celebrate with "silent screams".


Sam and Dustin said...

You crack me up. That's all.

lyndsey said...

we did think of you & wonder if you got sucked into all the madness. plus i'd be WAY excited if i got such a smokin deal on jelly beans. way to go.

Emily S said...

Did you do sign language cheers? It sounds like a ton of fun, and to answer you, we usually just do everything Josh tells us to. That's why I've been eating Easter candy for breakfast . . . Anyway, go Duke!

Melanie said...

yes...we are fantastic!! Thanks again for coming over. You MADE MY NIGHT! Go Duke :-)

Kathleen said...

Tessa is looking so cute dang it! Her hair is so cute. And go Duke! I picked them on my bracket with Peter's friends and beat them all!

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