July 20, 2010

"Hey Allison, how are you feeling?"

I thought I would let our 17-month-old show you how I look and feel lately.

Of course, my belly isn't filled with dominoes that Ted stuffed down my dress. MY belly is filled with something ELSE that Ted somehow got in there.

And despite the worry I have for transitioning from one kid to two, I'm wanting him out.

Countdown: two weeks and six days.


clauss house said...

Is this at our place, because I remember this happening there, but I have NO IDEA what is in the background!

Jean said...

CUTE!! Great impersonation by Tess. :-) And I am getting more and more excited for you... although I would politely request some preggy pictures because they're the best!!!

Kathleen said...

1. I hope your baby belly isn't so lumpy
2. Her curled hair is adorable
3. We are SOOOOOO excited for little mister Ririe to show his cute fuzzy packies to the world. :)
4. Good luck with the last couple weeks of waddling and the c-section.

The Facks of Life said...

cute little snot!! i miss her. can't wait for you to have that baby! good luck with two mama.

and yes, we need a belly shot of you. haven't seen one. so not cool of you!

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