October 12, 2010

5/12ths of the way through

Now that Ted's almost halfway through this semester, I thought I'd post the 2010 version of the first day of school. Dean's very proud of his daddy, and has the outfit to prove it. Our own blue devil's threads came in the mail courtesy of Christy, who refashioned it from her husband's pre-loved t-shirt. Apparently, she's had the shirt in her stash for years, waiting for the perfect project for it, then along came our mutual friend's tutorial on making a newborn gown from a t-shirt, and then her absolute best friend in the whole wide world (moi) makes a move to NC because her husband chose Duke. Then they had another baby. It was like the stars aligned. I put him in this gown constantly. I loves.

And here's the 2009 version of the absolute First day of law school, which I don't think I ever got around to posting last year.

We were still homesick, hence the Caltech gear. Also, we're not on the same page as many Southerners here, who have half their closets full of North Carolina college gear the second their lease is signed. It's nuts.

For next year's first day of school, there will not be an additional child. But perhaps we can have both our current ones in the same photo. I forget there was a time when there was only ONE roll in Tessa's thighs.

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clauss house said...

So I just showed Carleton these pics and he was like "oh my gosh THAT looks like Tessa!" I said, well that's because it is her. I married such a smarty:)

I bet he was thinking wow in the past two days he's really grown a large head, is holding it up rather well, and got really smiley! Oh and DEFINITELY got the teeth in:)

ok-don't tell anyone this, I will deny it if you do, but that outfit on Dean is one of the cutest things I've ever seen and if I have a baby I totally want one. There I said it! But I'd also like one in Carolina too, our kid can represent both parents:)

Hope the caramel rocked!

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