November 6, 2011

On the cooling rack: Birthday cake

I've seen a few ice cream brands come out with a "birthday cake" flavor that's always some sweet cream cake batter vanilla tasting thing with gaudy-colored sprinkles and chalky chunks of Crisco frosting. Excuse me while I barf. This is my version of a birthday cake:

Four layers of chocolate cake layered with fresh raspberry filling and topped with chocolate buttercream and a semisweet chocolate ganache. This thing was TALL - about 9" - and oh so good. The different languages were a nod to uncles' and grandpa's mission locations. I didn't have my usual baking tools since this was at my sister-in-law's house, so please excuse the white chocolate writing that looked a little sad. Dean, the birthday boy, didn't seem to mind.

Grandma couldn't take it anymore:

Okay, okay, I'll clean him up...


Emily S said...

Looks amazing! I have been craving this cake ever since you first started talking about making something like this. Maybe when I visited right after Tessa's first birthday? Cute boy in the tub, by the way.

molly said...

I'm sad that I'm just now seeing your blog. But now that I have seen it, and you know that I've seen it, and I know that you know that I've seen it, you better keep it up.
Also, nice lookin' cake.

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