December 8, 2011

A nighttime conversation

A friend and I have been teaching our almost 3-yr-olds preschool in our homes. It's been awesome. It's little more than structured playtime, but every so often we see a light bulb go on, so we press forward. Lessons are based on one letter per day.

Usually on the nights before school mornings, we try to prep Tessa. She loves school, so the prep is totally enjoyable, like last night's conversation:

Me: Tessa, guess what tomorrow is!
Tessa: [eyes widening and grin slowly uncurling] Schoooool??
Me: Yes! And do you know what letter you're learning tomorrow? "R"!
Tessa: R. rrrr...rrrrr...
Me: That's right. "R" makes the "rrr" sound. What word starts with "R"?
Tessa: rrrrrr.......rrrrrr..........rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....rrrrrrrrrrockettes!


charrette said...

LOVE her! xo

Dee said...

I love the excitement of little ones. I used to home school my girls. Well, for one year anyway. I probably should have hung in there longer... but it was an amazing experience that I'll always treasure.

Emily S said...

So I read this post in December, and thought it was cute. Then I dropped in just now to see if there was anything new, and I noticed it says rock-ettes, not rockets. Okay, now that's funny. I'll come to your shows, Tessa.

Jackie said...

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- Jackie of web design

Karin De Benedetti said...

Love to hear the stories of moms and kids. As a 50 year old single mother I love the laughter and joy in the perceptions. If only they would last forever.

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