July 1, 2012

Tell me how you really feel

I thought I would include yet another amusing conversation in our household tonight. Ted graduated from law school and is now working on his bar prep for SOOO many hours a day. I took the kids to my brother's house this afternoon so he could wallow in technicalities all by himself. It was a fabulous visit with my bro and his 3 teenage kids, with fabulous food to go with. I was recounting parts of the day with Ted tonight and this exchange took place, nothing more, nothing less. Me: Jessica (my almost 17-year old niece) wants to be a lawyer. Ted: Did you discourage her? Me: No. She was excited about it, so I told her how many areas there were and to go for it. Ted: Be careful. She could sue you for negligence.


KevandChels said...

Awesome:) Miss you guys!

Ashok Grawal said...

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