April 4, 2008


What's that famous line (among many) from that famous movie (Pulp Fiction) that I will always claim I never saw multiple times? When John Travolta's character tries to tell Samuel L. Jackson's character what was cool about living abroad for a few years: "It's the little differences. I mean, they got the same [poo poo] over there they got over here, but theirs is just a little different." I'm here to tell you about a few of the little differences we found in Mexico.

First and foremost, though they might understand you if you say "Diet Coke", it's "Coca Light". Same silver label with red writing, slightly different taste. Boy, did John and I go belly-up on that stuff. Along the same soda line, this Sprite can made Ted drop a load in his panties. We have more pictures of it than of me in a swimsuit (thank the Lord), and I was in a swimsuit a LOT. I know where the man's priorities are.

As some of you know, this most recent trip to Cancun was a second visit for the Tedster and myself. Ted had his own blog before we got married, so he left a couple of quips about the trip on that blog (link is to the left). If you haven't read his post about our favorite balanced breakfast while there, you're really missing out. So the sequel to that little number is the photo below. Apparently, the market for cereal-topped muffins has grown. We saw the display at the same time in the store and just laughed and laughed. Christy poked her head around from the LARGE fresh queso display to see what was so funny...

I was reading Shannon Hyer's blog when she recounted the nice weekend she and Andy had for their five-year wedding anniversary. I totally laughed and nodded my head when she talked about sleeping in and watching tv. I can't believe how good that feels when you're on vacation, 5:30am alarms be damned. We were bumming around one morning, flipping up and down the mexi-american channels (much like flipping up and down the radio dial in L.A.) when we came across this, FULLY dubbed in Espanol. Howling ensued.

Later on we found out that J&C had in fact NOT slept in but had gone for a jog early while Ted and I packed on the fat dimples just lazing around. Sometimes I hate overachievers.

And just where, I ask, can you find birds like this in SoCal?? Well, I guess there's always peafowl, but still. GORGEOUS.

When we walked back to the bus stop from the Sprite restaurant, we came across a little Mexican preschool. I recall a few strange things at my preschool - mostly involving animals - and my teacher's name - Mrs Slaughter (still love that one), but our play equipment was your standard jungle gym/merry-go-round variety. Not here.. no no. Mexican kids have it GOOD! I would have killed for one of these!

It was completely sunken into the concrete and as you can see, totally battered. I've seen a few of these on the side of the road, and I'm starting to get me some ideas.

I've saved my personal favorite for last. When I was a cute little thing, my mommy bought all three of us girls little Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bags. I didn't have an obsession or anything, but they even smelled like strawberries! Well, until I peed in mine. And I loved how all those dolls smelled so fruity sweet.... oh, where are my scenty dolls?? Whilst shopping at the large Paseo-like outdoor plaza catered toward tourists, I saw her: little Rosita Fresita.

My other favorite thing wasn't photographically recorded, but wherever we went, Ted referred to lingerie (which came up surprisingly often with the four of us) as ropa intima - because he saw the translated sign in our neighborhood Target. Made me giggle every time.. especially when I pretended to be his hot Spanish number. hehehehehehe Oh. I mean "rrrrrrrahahahaha!!!"

How about you? What "little differences" have you loved in your travels? Please tell!


dana said...

I think my Strawberry Shortcake dolls are in my mother's attic. And they still smell sweet...not like pee. Oh wait, you only peed in your sleeping bag. But maybe you peed on your dolls too.

When we were in Cancun we took one of those (lame) day trips to some "island?" where Casey sat in a cage with some sharks and a short mexican guy. But the point to my story is that part of the lunch was rice pudding, but the sign said "rice budin". Funny Mexicanos . I've also seen the "Frying Fish" asian restaurant in Korea town. There's a picture of a flying fish next to the sign. You know, asian, "flying" (frying) fish. But um, that's not very Calexican.

Michemily said...

I love your cultural comparisons. I am studying in Germany right now, so I write often about things like that at this blog: germanyfromanamericanperspective.blogspot.com.
Check it out!

Kizzycakes said...

thank you for letting me relive some of my favorite moments of hilarity from our trip. ahhh...

curg said...

Mmmmmmm...ropa intima...mmmmmmmm...
You forgot about ropa de pasties (oops! we better keep that under our spandex)

Can we all just consider ALF for a minute longer, please? ALF. ALF is still on friggin' TV in Mexico!

OK, quick quiz: You're walking through downtown Cancun and you see ALF eating a Froot Loops muffin on top of a car on cinder blocks on a kids' playground. What happens next? Answer: He starts talking to you up, and just when you're starting to get stoked at the fact that ALF is becoming your new best friend he starts asking you if you're planning on taking any tours while you're in Cancun. Noooooooo!!! They're EVERYWHERE!!! I'm not signing up for your stupid tour, ALF! (Sorry)

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