May 30, 2008

I remember these pictures!

In Allison's May 23rd blog entry she mused that due to her naughtiness I might have, "considered backing out while there was still time." Um, I knew FULLY what I was "getting [myself] into," and I embraced it wholeheartedly! Here's a picture (also not sent in with her resume) she posed for while we were merely engaged.

And lest you think Allison's the only naughty one in this relationship. She wasn't the only one interested in that shell (see below).

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dana said...

Okay, I know I love the Allison/Ted blog now for at least one reason alone: Ted's comedy. I mean, I look at you sitting up there on the stand during Sacrament meeting and I know the sarcastic whit is in there. But I just don't get the opportunity to partake of it. Alas, now I do.
Thank you for loving the shell too Ted.

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