February 4, 2009

Rescue 911

Yesterday started out badly and then got really really good.

Ted and I got into a bit of a tiff yesterday morning that really began in the middle of the night, made exponentially worse by my inability to sleep due to congestion and by the fact that impatience and increased hormone production are causing some seriously adverse effects. He left to go to the lab, and I attempted to put together a mobile that had no picture or directions through tears spilling down my face. Time for the girlfriends to come to the rescue, and rescue they did.

Suzy and Sachia had offered to come by my house and fold, put away, and otherwise organize all the "stuff" that I acquired at both showers. It was a huge help, and the chance to just laugh and cavort and eat treats made the owies go away. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, lo and behold, Sachia offered to go with me down to the local fire station so we could ask the steamy firemen to install our carseats. I heard about this free service from my friend Laura, and was eager to try it out since she said they're lickety split and they get it in better and tighter (and therefore safer) than laymen like myself. To quote Sachia, "You need this, honey," so off we went.

Our arrival at the station:

They took care of my car seat in about 4 1/2 minutes flat, including putting up the little mirror for the bambina to look in.

And then it was on to Sachia's car. As the young guy tackled that car seat, we got schooled on safety tips by the veteran. This guy has NINE KIDS, ranging from 18 yrs to 6 months, all from the same wife. And to quote him, he's "not done yet. I like even numbers." So you think you'll have 10? "Maybe. I'd like 12."

For all you moms out there, once you get in a crash, your car seat is considered no longer safe, so you have to get a new one - same as bicycle helmets. And if you drive an SUV-type vehicle with the stroller, etc in the back, get a cargo net or cage to hold them down back there, because if you brake hard, those things turn into projectiles, ready to take your child's head off. Hey, I promised I'd tell everyone since they were so nice to take care of us.

Meanwhile, the young buck was slaving away, and making sure little Sienna was nice and safe in her seat. SO CUTE! Oh, and he's single. Just bought a house.

I've pretty much sworn off pictures during the last few weeks since there's no possible way I can look good in them, but I made exceptions for the day. Here's a typical pose:

Thank you to Sachia and Suzy (and serviceable, hot men) for making the day great. Note to self: apply makeup after a morning of crying. Oh well.

And kudos to me for the best shot of the day. I'm sorry! I couldn't resist! It was RIGHT THERE!!


Jenn said...

From one married woman to another... the hot firemen never show up while you have make up on. I had some come to do an inspection of my buildings I was a mess. I usually could care less but man they were hot! Not only do they have to be in shape but I think they are judged on a hotness scale because I have never met... well I don't want to sound, you know. So that's my random thought... that may be deleted when I decide not to sound so... so... observant. ;)

Jean said...

HAHAHA!! Best blog post ever. I'm so glad you got to check out the firemen. I MEAN have the firemen check out your carseats. Why did I not do that??!! Great idea. Sachia and Suzy are the best! And hot helpful firemen are, too!!!

Renee said...

Maybe I should steal a baby just for the chance to go to the firehouse to get a carseat installed. Any other excuses for firehouse visits that don't involve breaking the law? I don't want to have to wait until I'm married and preggers to rub "elbows" with these guys!!

Kizzycakes said...

thank you for making me salivate this morning. best girlfriends AND firemen?! i gotta move back.

sachia said...

Hey guys, cutie patootie also forgot to tell you all that we really WEREN'T supposed to go to the fire station, as they said "they prefer for you to go to highway patrol or the police station". I guess they have a specific person assigned to install carseats. So we had a blast. I literally died laughing when Allison took the shot of his butt cuz he KNEW she took that. It was so frekin funny!

La La Land said...

I love this post! And the last photo is the best. I am so sad I wasn't there to join you!

megan said...

ok, someone referred me here asking if I had heard about your little trek to the fire station. love that you got a butt shot...b/c isn't that what makes it worth it? I have to tell you though, went to the fire station for a little birthday party tour on sat and got to see one of the fireman undress....next time you are having a bad day try that medicine :-)

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