April 4, 2009

Friends and Family

New babies tend to get passed around like a - well, you know. These wonderful visits from friends and family have provided some much-needed respite for the weary parents.

My mom and sister were in the hospital every day, and Valerie came the day before we went home. The night I got home, Susie, my VT, came to drop off some bomb-dot-com Baked Potato Soup and hold the newborn. I was too out of it to take a picture.

The first out-of-towners came from Idaho (Ted's brother's family), and their two kids were enamored with the baby. It was so sweet to see.

Dan had been awake for about two days when I took these pictures, so forgive how awful he looks (kidding! He always looks like that. KIDDING!). But you're not looking at him anyway, are you?

We had so many people from our ward come to see and hold our little girl. I felt honored that this tiny thing was so loved, even before she had abilities to give love back. I recall a wonderful night last Christmas season at Cari B's house. The kids were in bed, I was 7 months pregnant, and we were throwing around ideas about what could and should be said for our ward's Christmas program the upcoming Sunday. We were both in awe about how Christ came into mortal existence - not as a full-grown man threatening to take over Herod's kingship, but as a tiny, helpless baby. I think there are so many reasons for that, one of which is that everyone loves a baby. As a baby, He didn't have to convince anyone to follow Him. Others were drawn to Him first, and felt an outpouring of love. I had a glimpse of that during my pregnancy, where individuals expressed their concern over my well-being just so that I'd be able to produce as healthy a baby as possible. As my due date approached, the excitement mounted and people came out of the woodwork (even some strangers) to express their excitement and let me know they couldn't wait to see me as a mom. I loved all the well wishes, and I just couldn't get over how much everyone loves a baby. Thank you to all who have shared in our bliss!

Sienna and her mom came over to bring us some incredible lemon chicken and couscous with peas. For dessert, they brought us Laura W as a surprise!

And I think her new nickname shall be "Bright Eyes." I didn't do a thing to this photo - she's seriously this good-looking. Which is why I used to hate her.

Ted's parents came into town a couple weeks after she was born. They couldn't wait to see her, and they were absolutely darling with her. They would take her on LONG walks in the morning, which meant I got to sleep, and when they left, I wanted them to come back. Tessa started hating her baths after her grandma left, and it's taken me a good 5 weeks to get her back to liking them (seriously, she's been screaming bloody murder every time). So I don't know what kind of magic they've got going on, but my own mom has the same brand, so they've got to figure out a way to bottle that stuff and pass it on.

How many grandparents does it take to snap in a newborn?

Two, but they probably could have used another. hehehehe

The two grandmothers with the latest edition:

Suzy and I had a lovely visit - we always do when we get together. Tess was in top form - pooping and crying for food the whole time. But Suzy fell for her anyway.

My brother flew in from Arizona for work and we had a raucous good time at our place. When I handed over the baby for him to hold and cuddle (he's got three girls of his own), the first words out of his mouth were "Who's your favorite uncle?....[in a high-pitched voice] Christian!"

This was a fun visit - Bruce and Elizabeth came on Oscar night because we're heathens and we watch that sort of thing. When they first moved into the area 20 years ago, I was their go-to babysitter for their two girls. They're still here, and thankfully not going anywhere. It looks like their younger daughter will be one of my babysitters before long, and thus the circle continues. Tessa, wake up! These babies who sleep for hours...

And when Kat and Jane set their eyes on her, they were in love as well. They gave her two very cute books. We've been reading to her, but she kinda stares at us at this point. Not a whole lot of cognition quite yet. But we're working on that. By letting her eat, sleep, and poop.
The visits and new friends continue, and future blog entries will document that. Again, I just wanted to give a shout-out to all our wonderful friends and family who have called, visited, IM'd, brought food, sent messages via others. It makes me want another one. Someday.


I'm into stitches. said...

Who's that kid, again?

Tee hee hee.

I want my turn, damn it.

charrette said...

This is making me so totally homesick. Love all these people. Dying to see Baby Tessa.


candcfamily said...

I love that pacifier in her mouth... truly the best invention ever!

La La Land said...

Talk amongst yourselves......

Okay, I love you! I was so happy that I got to see you and Tessa (and hold her). I could tell she liked me, notice how she is looking up at me? So cute! And I love your in-laws. I think it's so funny that I knew Dan so long ago and we didn't make the connection until your shower!

Oh, and I'm glad you don't hate me anymore...

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