November 5, 2009

Halloween 09 - Parties and PeaPods

Ted came up with our family costume, which I thought was pretty remarkable considering the man hates dressing up. However, since we just stuck things on his normal clothes, he was pretty okay with it. Besides, we won "Best Couple Costume" and Tessa won "Best Overall Costume" at the party we went to. There weren't any other kids participating, so it was kind of a gimme, but she really was a cute little bugger.

Fabulous dancing from the men on the runway, but when it was the women's turn, I remarked how the only way to top theirs was to "get slutty." We made efforts, but they were lackluster compared to the men.

This is our neighbor, C. When the music turns on, he apparently gets dirty. I voted for him for best dancing. You don't have to ask why.

Squeakers was fascinated with these leaves all night, and I'm so glad I got a shot of her devilish concentration.

These are our new favorite neighbors, C&A. My mom and sister used to be, but since we moved away, we've had to improvise. The game was "Donuts on a String", and the spouses played against the other spouses, trying to eat as much of the hanging donut as possible without letting it fall on the ground. These guys lost because they were too busy posing.

We tried on a few different costume ideas before settling on the pea pod idea. Couldn't resist this one.

AND, the food. There are some talented women out here with a lot of time on their hands. These were chocolate mice with caramel tails,

peanut butter pumpkins,

my contribution: almond shortbread witch finger cookies with bloody guts dipping sauce,
severed hand punch,

and the winning dish, freaky-looking white chocolate-dipped Oreo eyeballs. These looked gross and tasted awesome. Perfect combination.

We're totally demanding a repeat invitation next year. Thanks, Doreen and Matt!


Jean said...

Awww!! Tess looks so cute, I could eat her!!! GREAT costume idea. And the party looks freaking AWESOME - I'm going to try to remember those spooky food ideas!! (I might be able to manage the Oreo eyeballs; the rest of the stuff is way out of my league, however.) :-)

sachia said...

Jean, I was thinking the same thing. Tessa IS a cute lil' bugger, loved the costumes and I was thinking that I could make the eyeballs next year.

The Facks of Life said...

I really can't look at your blog very often...makes me miss you.

Emily S said...

Good thing I got my internet connection back, so I can view such adorable things as Tessa's costume. Sad that I didn't get it back until recently, cause it looks like I missed a chocolate giveaway. And it all looks amazing . . . (fun party, by the way, wait till you read how we spent our Halloween)

Kathleen said...

I love I love I love the pea pod. And the food probably was yummy but looks so realistically gross.

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