February 3, 2010

Creation: New Wreath

If your door is ready for Valentine's Day, does that mean you are? I wish, but there's a lot of chubbsy for me to lose in a week and a half before I can look hot in lingerie. I don't even have a menu for that night yet!

But the best thing to do with $5 for now was decorate my door. I got the twiggy wreath at that huge superstore that starts with a "W", and as a result, I felt guilty paying only $3 for such a good sized wreath. In my heart, I asked forgiveness from the 6 yr- old Chinese orphan girl who has swollen, bloody fingers for putting it together for me, then moved along my merry way.

I got the flowers from Michael's - they're selling red rose bouquets for $1.50 right now, and the ribbon came from the ridiculous stash I still have from our wedding.

Not shabby for a few bucks, and it sure beats a bare door.


Jean said...

Nice job, you crafty girl!!! I love it.

Kathleen said...

amen. I am motived to make a wreath now. Good work.

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