March 23, 2010

Another milestone

Today I had to purchase our first baby gate, and in doing so, realized those things don't fit inside a Target cart ("buggy", if in the South) very well. Tessa gnawed on the box while we were shopping, so it looks like a keeper.

She has moved out of the army scoot and into actual crawling. We realize she's behind the norm, but I haven't minded as it has meant I've only had to have one eye on her instead of two. Those days are quickly diminishing. Case in point: the other night she thought our kitchen garbage receptacle would be strong enough to anchor her 30 pound (no joke) frame, and only pulled up on it because she could see from the overflow that there were strawberry tops and a chicken carcass, and that girl will go to any lengths for a bite (yesterday I pulled a dead ladybug out of her mouth, bitten perfectly in half - jury is still out on whether it was alive or not when it went in). Alas, the garbage toppled over onto her stunned and chubby body, and Ted had to mop up the floor because I said it would make a pregnant woman gag (I'm very good at lying).

At this point, I'm reconsidering having baby #2, but since I'm 20 weeks, it's not likely I can go back on that decision. We made it when #1 was still immobile, and my naive brain figured I could handle one, even if it was crazy, since Tessa was so good-natured. Note to self: children grow up and get into everything. Occasionally they break some things, and in our case, eat most things. Be advised whenever you revisit another "having another child" conversation.

Oh, and tomorrow will be "pulling out the maternity clothes" day. I can't stuff my lower gut into my regular jeans anymore, even though they do have stretch (and thank the fashion gods for that!). Poor kid's going to come out with a zipper impression across its backside.


Kathleen said...

Yeah the mobility thing is just the beginning. Then they start better watch out. Lately Lucy pretends not to hear me all the time or she says "mom, you stay right there and I go bye bye." Nice. Well luckily I lover her anyway. But as my mom says "Little kids-- little problems. Big kids-- big problems."

Kizzycakes said...

how sad i am that i haven't visited the cooling rack in so long. you're living another life that i don't even know about. shame on me. thanks for being so on top of the blogging. i guess i should be more on top of the reading. i really just came to get that sweet corn crap recipe and it turns out you've been one busy, crafty mommy. i miss your face!

Harv said...

I think Juliet will follow nicely in Tessa's footsteps...or lack thereof. She is clueless on the tummy, just flounders in frustration. When I go to bounce her on her feet she just buckles. But she scarfs down anything we put in her mouth and grabs at food and cups and bottles with great gusto.

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