December 10, 2010

Creation: Stitched 'Scream

A friend of mine recently had an adorable baby girl. She requested no gifts at her restaurant baby shower because this was her third baby and second girl, but come on - even third children need a few new things, right? As a 6th child, I understand how annoying hand-me-downs can get (esp when they're from one's brothers), so along with a little outfit (bought, not made - I'm not that good yet) I crocheted a toy ice cream cone. It's got little jingle bells in there for extra fun.

I used the pattern from this book but added the picot stitch around the bottom of the ice cream so it looked more like a scoop.

Welcome to the world, Lucy! You've got a rad family who will take you for real 'scream when you're old enough!


La La Land said...

Well done! I love it. And I want to know if I will get to see you this month?

The Bunker Family said...

So cool! I've been looking at patterns to make felt food for Charlotte's kitchen. I love that you put a bell in it. Great for babies or kittens!

Kev and Chels said...

Thanks Allison! Wish I could get the older kids to keep their mitts off of it so it can be new for her when she can hold it!:)

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