March 21, 2011

Creation: Bellbottom Pants

We've been getting groovy over here. Remember that story I told long ago about choosing pajama pants as my first ever sewing project, having them turn out completely unwearable, throwing them out, then being intimidated by sewing machines for years?

Well, I'm back.

I have conquered my nemesis, thanks to Dana's tutorial. I'll have to tweak a couple things here and there next time, but overall, I love the outcome. I'll let you judge for yourselves.

I'm most proud of the perfect lining up of the fabric pattern. It's 100% polyester, baby. Dreamy to work with, and screaming to be made into granny style bellbottoms. She looks adorable in them.

Yeah, baby, YEAH!!


Ted said...

You conquered your fear!!!!!!!!!

dana said...

Okay, those are so rad. I LOVE the fabric you chose! And dude, you totally matched up the print of the fabric really well at the seams. Completely CONQUERED. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Those are the coolest pajama pants I have seen babyyyyyyy!! Grooooovy! Love it!!

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