February 18, 2011

Big Girl/Little Girl Birthday Tea Party

I've been building up for this one. Years ago I started a teacup and saucer collection. Thanks to ebay and Anthropologie, it got big enough to host a full party.

Well, it wasn't a full party, as in "number of guests". A full party for me constitutes attendance in the dozens. :) This wasn't that kind of party. We could only fit so many people at the big girl table, and only 4 at the little girl table, so what we lacked in numbers, we made up for in decorations and food.

Tessa turned 2 last week, and I turned....into an old hag. Time to celebrate!

My friend Melissa was at our house (as she often is, bless her soul) when I pulled the teacup boxes out of storage to show off and clean up for the day. She helped me unwrap them and I think I heard her exclaim more than once how it felt like Christmas morning. I told her my plan and she immediately asked if she could decorate. Since I have absolutely no talent in that arena, I gave her full discretion. So she turned our living room into a dainty little wonderland.

We were particularly fond of the party favors for the little girls. M&Ms and felt cupcake stickers with monogrammed notepads? Come on.... The big girl favors were even tastier though - homemade toffee (recipe and photos coming!) bagged and sealed with a shabby chic fridge magnet.

The food:
  • Chocolate cinnamon tea cakes
  • To-die-for (seriously) lemon bars (or triangles, in this case)

  • Chocolate-dipped animal crackers with peppermint
  • Chocolate almond mousse balls
  • Masala naan with garlic hummus
  • Cucumber lemon water (it's so refreshing! try it!) for those who didn't prefer tea

  • Fruit and cream puff kebabs with caramel sauce
  • Blueberry bran muffins with lemon curd (I had to try to be healthy somewhere)

  • Curry and garlic chicken salad in mini croissants
  • Wheat rounds with pesto, tomato and parmesan
  • Individual baked pepper jack and cheddar macaroni and cheese
  • Bittersweet chocolate torte with chocolate ganache and raspberry sauce

Yes, there was a lot of chocolate, but I didn't hear anyone complaining.

I see the notepads were a big hit.

And the birthday girl looked smashing in her ruffles and pearls.

Recently I reunited with an old friend from high school. She moved right into our ward, we saw each other on their first Sunday here, and we promptly freaked out. We've been in every made-up club together ever since. She and her twin girls came, and gave this sweet little dress to Tessa:

I don't have a decent picture of the adorable zippered (with an inside pocket!) clutch she made for me (which happily contained....more chocolate), but I've already used it. And I have two kids in diapers, so small bags aren't my thing currently. But it's awesome.

Happy Birthday to us! And thanks so much to Melissa for making two girls' dreams come true!


Jean said...

WOW. That's got to be the most sensational tea party that I've ever seen in my life. Hooray!!!

Marianne said...


ok-that was amazing! will you host every party I need to throw from now on??

Jenn said...

I love that you collect tea cups! What a fun party. Tessa has a lifetime of fun parties ahead of her, I'm jealous! Happy Birthday to both of you!

laura said...

What the wha?! I'm suddenly so hungry and need a cream puff kebab. Happy birthday(s)!!

Kizzycakes said...

as if i didn't want to go bad enough already! looks like quite the affair. and you are quite the hostess with the mostest. i wanna be just like you when i grow up! so sad that we live on opposite sides of the country right now.

Violadiva said...

That's it. I'm officially recruiting you to help me with the activity we're doing for our students next month: Bach's birthday party.

Lay your awesomeness on me.

clauss house said...

I'm about to reach through the screen and have another lemon bar, why did I scroll down?! love the jammies and your most recent cake looks AH-MAZ-ING!

clauss house said...

...and yes I should be packing instead of looking at your blog, stop judging me.

Cari said...

That looks like it was the awesomest party there ever was. I love how you two darling girls look all southern belle with your hats and your pearls. And your perfect skin. Scarlet's got nothing on you two!

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