October 22, 2008

An Anatomy Observation

I find it absolutely hilarious that people rub my tummy. I'm almost 6 months pregnant, and I'm surprised I haven't popped out more, but there's definitely a bump there, and of course my boobs are massive.

Twice today, students have greeted me in the hall with "Hi Allison!" and then immediately look down, reach their hand out, touch the tum, and say, "Hi Baby!" It's very cute and endearing and I don't mind it in the least.

The reason for thinking this is funny more than anything else is that as a former student (and T.A.) of anatomy, I know exactly what they're rubbing, and it ain't no baby. Behold, the anatomy of the adult abdomen.

Now, many have seen a picture like this, but few realize the ramifications of it when a fetus is thrown into the mix. You ladies out there who have ever had one growing in you know exactly where the movements manifest themselves. For those who haven't (yet), it's right where all the monthly cramping goes on that drives you nuts. For all you men, here's a picture.

When a baby is growing in there, it stays low while EVERYTHING else gets pushed upward to make room for it. So for the past week, as students have been having their way with my pooch, I giggle inside thinking "Thank you for the well wishes to my liver and intestines. You're SO sweet." Of course, I'd rather have them touch my body up there instead of where the baby actually is, the little perverts.


I'm into stitches. said...

Oh, dey would be down wit dat, boooyyyy!

Syphus Circus said...

You're well on your way to having baby right where they are touching! And while baby is at it he'll do jumping jacks on your bladder then he'll somersault and you'll be sure that you have an alien inside of you! Notice how I already prefer to call baby a HIM. Actually, I really hope you have a girl!~

Emily S said...

True for now, but soon you'll have feet under your ribs. My question - when a woman is hugely pregnant, where do her abs go? Some up, some down? Distrubuted equally across the top? No matter what, they are rendered useless.

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