October 31, 2008

Hallowe'en II

Ted forgot to mention a few things about our Halloween experience last year. He was absolutely right about the candy, (VERY important to have enough so we don't run out), but he doesn't remember the horrors I had to face from the frightful "holiday".

We tried to take it pretty easy last year - rented a movie, left lights on to attract trick-or-treaters, and Ted picked up food from one of our favorite places so I wouldn't have to cook:

We love their BBQ chicken pizza, and I'm always a fan of all things Asian, so he also got one of their Thai Crunch salads - mmmmm:

We haven't eaten there since.

Because this was me just a few hours later (minus the uber-hairy legs):

The yakking continued all through the night, but I went to work the next morning because I didn't have a scrap of lesson plans ready for the day. I made the 45-minute drive without puking in the car or out the window, but warned my principal that it was imminent and if I didn't start feeling better, I was going home. He didn't have to ask why - I looked awful.

As it turned out, I was able to hold in the vomit all through our 65-min first period, but soon after had to let loose in the nearest toilet as the principal was en route to check up on me. He heard the heaves two hallways away and ordered me home, where my sister came to tend to my every need. They weren't many, since even the tiniest sip of water sent me racing to the toilet.

Did I mention that food poisoning doesn't know the difference between the entry and the exit? It's all the same to those little bacteria - just get everything the hell out of there, doesn't matter how.

Ugh. Stupid Halloween.

A week or so later, when I went to visit Laura in the hospital during her eternal prenatal stay, I told that story and she said her husband had been even more sick from the SAME SALAD at CPK, different (but nearby) location. Something was rotten in the state of California!

Overall, I lost about 9 lbs from the experience. My GI tract was completely cleaned out, and I never wanted to wipe my bum again.

This year, I'm just eating candy for dinner. It's much safer.


La La Land said...

I totally remember that happening to you! You came to the hospital and told me all about it. The funny/scary thing about it, was that Steve had the SAME thing happen to him the week before when he ate that salad at a CPK in Utah! He said he'll never eat there again. Poor me.

La La Land said...

Note to self...finish reading post before commenting.

You are right, he got sick at a CPK in LAX, not Utah. And yes, he almost died. I forgot how terribly sick he got. I even had to call the neighbors to check on him. So, I take it back, poor Steve (and you), not me.

Emily S said...

Through that whole sad story, the part that sticks out to me is the part where you had to go to school when sick because you didn't have lesson plans. I TOTALLY feel that pain. Along those lines, beware the 22 days early baby . . . Oh, and only candy for dinner can't hurt, as long as it's only once a week or so.

Kizzycakes said...

some friend i am. i don't remember a lick of that experience. gosh, i can be so self-absorbed sometimes! that picture of the guy is just nasty -- having your head that deep in the toilet. he must keep his toilet much cleaner than i do or he really must've thought he was dying so it didn't matter anyway. jane had several of these close encounters with the toilet herself today. fun times. oh, and i echo emily's warning about the early delivery -- i was lying in ICU after george was born, so stressed out that i hadn't left a single lesson plan for a sub!

curg said...

You said "wipe my bum".

Renee said...

Dang...I love that salad. Perhaps I should re-think that idea.

sachia said...

Oh wait, I remember a certain Laura Wood puking as well. Hmmmmmmm, ask her about that one!!! :) It wasn't from food poisoning though!

Kathleen said...

come to Provo...our CPK is safe...and that is likewise my favorite two items from the menu. Although everyone needs a good excuse to eat candy for dinner every now and then.

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