May 28, 2009

I Have Joined the Ranks

I MUST blog about Mother's Day before the month of May runs out.

Last year, I was one of the speakers in church on Mother's Day, and Tessa was a mere blastula at the time. So this year marked the first official Mother's Day, and I'll just say now, I was not disappointed.

The day before Mother's Day, I received several cards and well-wishes. It was so nice to be recognized by friends and family - my mom even bought me a dozen red roses to celebrate. My sister and I planned the dinner and she argued that I shouldn't have anything to do with making food, but I knew she'd go overboard, and besides - I wanted to contribute for my own mother, too! I decided to make Prosciutto-Wrapped Tilapia Filets (featured here) and Caramelized Butternut Squash, but those were eclipsed, eclipsed I say! by my sister's Marionberry Scones. I also busted out a Chocolate Pate recipe I've been wanting to try, and we topped that with raspberry sorbet and fresh raspberries. Yuuuuuummmmmm. But back to how the actual day began.

Perhaps due to my not-so-subtle comment to the choir, Ted planned to make breakfast for me. If he originally intended for it to be breakfast in bed, let next year's lesson be to get up before I do. In any case, I didn't go anywhere near the kitchen, and eventually smelled the heavenly odor of a certain cured pig product emanating from there. Could it be?!? YES!!

Nothin' like Crepes 'n' Bacon. Ted had two nonstick pans going on the stove with delectable crepe after crepe coming off them. He filled some with strawberries and bananas, some with homemade raspberry jam, and I oohed and aahed over it. We were almost late to church though, so I had strips of swine hanging out of my mouth between yanking on my skirt and stuffing my feet into some heels. Quite the image, I know. Welcome to Sunday mornings at our house.

The speakers, Karen M and Steve S, were fabulous. Both talks were exactly what any Mother's Day talk should be, only made better by watching the Primary kids sing (and wave and laugh) to their young moms. And THEN came the worst part of the day.

I haven't heard of any bishopric that doesn't give some sort of memento or treat in recognition of the women in the ward. Some are more elaborate or sentimental than others, but I thought our ward had made it clear that all we really want is chocolate. Unfortunately, when bishoprics change, they have to be retrained.

Our first counselor got up to ask all the women to stand and remain standing until we got what they were giving, and he totally stumbled over his decision-making process in settling on our gift: a plant. Not only that, but he tells us that it was voted on in some meeting where only two women voted (the only two, apparently, who hate sugar), therefore, his decision was the "right one." I looked around at various faces right when he said that and witnessed several mental scoffs. To top it off, he then said, "Oh, and you'll need to water these. They've been sitting in the office for a few days...they're pretty dry by now." Over the pulpit! Ha! I turned to Ted and said, "Happy Mother's Day, ladies - here's a dead plant! We really appreciate you, so here's another thing you have to take care of. " Come on!

Good thing dinner was so tasty.

We spent the afternoon cooing over what made me a mother in the first place. She was so darn cute in all her frills, and her smiles make me feel like a million bucks every time. Ted got me not only the Microplane grater and zester I desired, but the 1st season of 30 Rock as well. And my sister got me a replacement tablecloth for the one she burned. I'm still vying for that uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep, but overall, this mom is one happy lady.


The Hytes said...

Your man rocks! I asked for the day off. (brian has been working 90 hour weeks, so I don't really get time off either.) I got breakfast (and had to clean it up.) Then he went to bed for the afternoon. I finally decided to ditch the fam and go to a movie. We're working on mother's day number 7 and still trying to figure it out. Yours got it right on the first try. Way to go!!! btw, the pictures you have of Tessa are scrumptious. I want to eat her up!

lyndsey said...

dude. seriously. i was like -- no chocolate?? after you SAID chocolate? not fair. and i don't even technically celebrate mother's day ;)

La La Land said...

Great post! I'll bet the talks were great, but nothing tops your talk last year.

Okay, now does the new bishop not know that every woman in the ward (and probably world) just wants chocolate!?!? I mean, just ask the bishop's wife!!!! I'm sure he's paying for it now and next year things will return to the way they are supposed to be.

Oh, and happy first Mother's Day!

The Facks of Life said...

Um, and you spent a fun filled night with your favorite person on earth, who made killer oreo milkshakes and an effing onesie with bacon on it!!!! (which i have yet to see. stupid work!)

Jean said...

Crepes and bacon??!! Can there possibly be anything more heavenly than that?? NO. Way to go, Ted. And I am so, so, so glad that you wrote about the plant/chocolate fiasco in Sacrament meeting. Bonnie Mac and I were considering a riot, but ultimately decided to politely request chocolate next year. (I'm still wondering if Brother Hansen's windshield was covered with dozens of overturned plants after church, hahaha.) God love him!! :-)

dietcokegrrl said...

Yeah, I didn't get the plant thing either. In fact, when he said "those who want chocolate sit down" I immediately sat back down...and then was told that there really wasn't any, just the plants.

That was mean.

sachia said...

I was the only idiot in the ENTIRE back section standing up for chocolate cuz I don't know a thing about plants but I love me some chocolate. Too bad when he said, "Those of you want cholcolate please stand," I bolted out of my seat so fast before I figured out the trickery. Fools rush in.

sachia said...

P.S. Happy first mommy's day hottie

charrette said...

great photo. killer food.

and hello! all any woman wants for mother's day is chocolate! that, and wonderful kids...

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