June 3, 2009

Brand New Friend

A friend of mine, Kerri (Ker-dog if you were in Hinckley Hall for the '95-96 BYU school year) just had her 3rd baby and named her Adele (so cute!). I got to bust out my only crafting ability as part of her gift:

And then it was off to her shower (which happened AFTER the baby was born, since she decided to grace us a month early) for some good food and merriment. And....some communal nursing.

Kerri and I have been friends for about 14 years now. We met on the 2200 floor of Hinckley Hall during our freshman year and became instant soulmates because we discovered we had the same blue and red argyle panties. The coolest gatherings were always in her room, and I have long-standing mental images of her dancing around the room to ska music and old school hip-hop. (You know what I'm talkin' about: "Back to the Hotel", "Do the Ditty if ya...want to because then I can see if I...want to", "Knockin' da Boots" LOVE IT!) These impromptu dance scenes also brought us Shannon's famous Running Man, which she keeps tucked under her belt and unleashes at very rare moments, propagated by our favorite Cannon Center dances.

And now here we are, 14 years later. Kerri has 3 kids, I have my one, and the friendship lives on with husbands and Rock Band. I'm glad Tessa was born into so many makeshift cousins, just in case the blood ones don't work out. :)

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Megan said...

Wow! That was so totally a rocking jaunt down the hallway. I may have to go dig out the albums to see all my girls again! If y'all are having cousins, does that make me a grandma? LOL!

Megan said...

Oh, and BTW, my favorite "dukey" for Ted:


Stars&Straps said...

Wow - you look FANTASTIC in that pic holding the new bebe. And hey, good luck with the moving business! Send us your new addy!
XO Krish

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