June 27, 2009

You snooze, you lose

Being the over-protective, cautious, and doting parents we are, we waited until Tessa was a whole week old before we took her to the Huntington Gardens. My older brother and his family were in town, and it's one of our favorite places to take visitors, so we basically had no choice but to go. Here's my favorite picture from that trip, Tessa catching a few winks by a Cattleya bloom:

Well, my parents, younger brother, and his family were here for my graduation so we had no choice but to head off to the Huntington again. Tessa's barely four months old and she's been there twice now, and as you can see from the picture above, and the ones below, it seems to keep her on the edge of her seat. Here she is sleeping in her stroller in the bamboo forest:

Here she is snoozing in her pram among the bonsai trees:

After all that effort she decided to take one more little cat nap in the conservatory:

She did wake up for one part of the trip though....lunch.


Emily S said...

Reminds me of our trip to CA last summer, where occasionally we'd hold up Noah's car seat for a photo to prove he was with us.

Syphus Circus said...

What a doll! Can't wait to see her and hug her and kiss her little girl head!

charrette said...

Ah...lunch! A girl after my own heart.

Those photos are to die for!
I've always wondered why young parents (myself included) feel compelled to shuttle their sleeping babies in strollers through all these parks and museums. It's totally wasted on them. Must be for their mothers. Sanity is not overrated.

charrette said...

p.s. I ran into Sarah at the Great Clips in Heber yesterday. (Don't ask -- the boys needed haircuts. Suddenly.) Anyway, we had the most delightful conversation as she caught me up on all the goings-on of the Syphus clan. Made me miss you hugely.
I told her to give a big hug from me to every Syphus she sees for the next six months, so make sure she keeps her word....

Anonymous said...

What a doll! Can't wait to see her and hug her and kiss her little girl head!!! such a cute photos...thanks

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