June 3, 2009

Impending Adventure

I was in Oregon during Ted's birthday (I know, rude), so we had to celebrate the following weekend. During my trip and his birthday, we finalized our decision for law school and where we thought Ted would succeed and where I could keep my sanity as a "single mom" the best. It wasn't a difficult decision since the tippy-top schools didn't want to be intimidated by such a stellar law candidate. It really came down to two schools: University of Michigan and Duke. Here's how the conversation went:

Ted: So, the deadline to send in my acceptance is fast approaching. Any further thoughts?

me: I thought we decided we're going to Duke.

Ted: Well, I didn't know if you had any additional or different feelings, especially since Michigan is ranked slightly higher than Duke. And I'm just wondering if I'm missing something about either school, so of course I'm over-analyzing. You know how I am. Ben [who went to Michigan] loved Michigan and makes a good argument for going there.

me: Most alumni at these top schools love where they went. Remember Bim's Columbia fetish?

Ted: Seriously. But this is a big decision, and I just want to make sure I'm making the right one, not just for me, but for us.

me: Well, you know where I want to go. At this point, if you heard any argument from anyone that Michigan is this incredibly superior school and is able to blow rainbows out its butthole, would you change your mind and go there?

Ted: No.

me: Okay then. There's your answer.

These men have wives for a reason. That's not to say I know what I want all the time. Next time you and I go out to eat, ask where I want to go. Guaranteed I won't have a clue.

But I digest. I mean, digress. This post was about Ted, not me. Which is to say it's about me.

So Ted sent in the acceptance for Duke, and I was really excited, because it means for the next three years, we're going to be Dukies! (Couldn't wait to say that. I should have an "excrement" blog label) His birthday gathering ended up being celebratory for both reasons.

(Side note - Lilian brought these deviled eggs on a whim. She had no idea that we were also celebrating Ted's decision to go to Duke, whose mascot is the Blue Devil. Genius!)

And so, folks, we are off to North Carolina so Ted can learn how to blow hot air. I mean, so he can learn how to become a lawyer. hehehehehehe
Oh yeah. And Happy Birthday. I love you.


Jean said...

Happy birthday to Ted!! So happy that Duke is final. I know little about Duke (or North Carolina for that matter), but it feels right. :-) So, YAAAAY!!!

Kristi said...

Congrats!! When do you take off? I'll kill myself if we aren't able to get together before then. I know I'm being dramatic . . . but I've wasted the fact that I have a soul sister (in my opinion) living in town and I didn't take advantage of it. I am happy for you and sad for me!

kristen said...

Hey Allison, I guess I will come forward as one of those "lurkers" on your blog because I wanted to make a comment! Anyhoo, this is Kristen (Syphu)s--I am Les' daughter, and I wanted to tell you that Lee and Stephanie live in NC-a little town called Edenton, which is right on Abermarle Sound, which is about 2 hours from Duke, but still, at least you'd have family near! Love your blog by the way, and love haring about Tessa!

Jennette said...

Wahoo! I was crossing my fingers that you'd be fellow East Coasters with us. NOw, Duke's like 6 hours away, but maybe we can find some get together time somehow, some day. Congratulations on the decision and good luck in getting ready for the big move.

Emily S said...

Your impending adventure sounds awesome. I really liked the bit of time I was in North Carolina, even the Great Dismal Swamp. (Not as dismal as advertised . . .)

The Hytes said...

Congratulations! That is a huge decision, and one I am thoroughly jealous of. :) I am so excited for your adventure. Sometime when you are in UT visiting Ted's fam, you have to call me so I can come see your cute baby. She's already getting so big!

Suzy said...

So fun to find your blog!!!

charrette said...

So excited for you guys! (Feels good to have ONE thing settled, doesn't it?) And I'm jealous that you got to party with Mike and Lilian. I love those guys!


candcfamily said...

I don't know much about law schools, but Duke sounds so much cooler than Michigan, so I think you made the right choice. Yes, I am very behind on my blog reading.

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