November 22, 2010

Dancing with the Stars finale.....TONIGHT!!

Are you an avid watcher this season? I've been. The drama keeps unfolding because


I've never been so bored watching someone dance before. She has no oomph, no spice, and she confessed in one of her interviews that she didn't even want to do it anymore. I think the American people need to take that into consideration and STOP FREAKIN' VOTING FOR HER. It's gotten out of hand. This is a dance competition, people. That means you vote for the best dancers. I say that, knowing that people who make for good entertainment are going to get through better than others, but Bristol is neither dancing, nor entertaining anyone with her bland facial expressions and forgotten routines. I'll admit she was never painful to watch, like a certain Michael Bolton I won't mention, but I feel for her partner who has to take her to clown classes just to get a smile out of her.


If you have been voting for her, please stop. She's hurting my face.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming of cute children and baked goods.

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sachia said...

Oh Allison, I wish I had read this before. I thought I was a lone woman watching this show and was thinking the same exact thing. I felt so badly for Brandy but thought that the winner prevailed. We should have been texting one another.....I am a hard core fan too!

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