November 22, 2010

Winner of Brownies

It's about time I posted a winner for the captionless picture, don't you think?

Maybe it's because the winner knew that's what his daddy does all the time.
Maybe it was the only caption I read while fully awake.
Maybe it's because it was put to the tune of a Primary song that appealed to my naughty-with-the-nice facade nature.

In any case, the winner is clauss house. Congrats! Hopefully you'll share them with your husband and only gain half the poundage! Yay!

To all who participated, thank you. I had a couple of doozy captions myself, one of which was "Dude, those aren't handwarmers", but so many others were possible that I thought it'd be fun to open it up to anyone else. We enjoyed it!

1 comment:

clauss house said...

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd like to thank my primary chorister and... Just kidding:)

I do love your (well one of your many) captions too! Especially since I used a handwarmer on Saturday and was really tempted to put it inside my bra to keep from being so nippy!

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