November 23, 2010

huge family concern

I made breakfast burritos this morning. They were quite good, if I do say so myself. Tessa and I were eating happily, and I had set aside Ted's for when he got done getting ready. We recently discussed how he had become a little bit burnt out on cold cereal every morning, so I figured he'd be pretty excited to have something different.

He came downstairs and saw what I was eating. He hesitated, then said, "I'm fasting today..."

I paused mid-bite to wait for the reason, admiring his tenacity when eggy, meaty, cheesy goodness was right in front of him. In all seriousness he continued,

"...that Bristol Palin doesn't win Dancing with the Stars."

Do you think we're perhaps a bit too invested? Nah....


PJ Evers said...

Oh my gosh, Allison, I totally agree - Bristol should have gone many weeks ago. She was horrible from the beginning! The judges were way to "nice" on their comments. Brandy was robbed, she should have been in the finals.
Patti Evers
PS Thanks for fasting, Ted.

Cari said...

IT WORKED! Bless Ted's heart! and his tummy, too :)

Love you and miss you!

Stacey said...

That is impressive faith. Thanks for your service for all of us, Ted!

Jean said...

HAHAHA! Thank goodness for Ted!

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